At our Dads & Grads event, several of our guests inquired why we chose a showroom versus a traditional storefront for a jewelry business.

Simply put, many people feel awkward and uncomfortable shopping for something as personal as a gift, or an engagement ring in a crowded store where their neighbors and other clients can overhear the conversation.

Loose lips sink ships. Prying eyes and gossip has ruined many a surprise. At The Jeweler of Asbury, we arrange private appointments with each of our clients. We want every individual to have a relaxing. special, personalized, and private experience.

No one needs to know your business, your budget, or your bargain by shopping through the manufacturer.

So when you look for The Jeweler Of Asbury,, look up to the 5th floor of our beautiful deco office building.

Our comfortable atmosphere makes it easy to take your time and browse through our showcases, and work with us on custom designs.

Prying eyes and ears, be gone!

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